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Honolulu, Hawaii (previous site) - Since implementation in 1995, MOTTEP of Honolulu primarily targeted the Filipino community. The Filipino donation consent rate increase:  40% in 2004, 67% in 2005, and 71% in 2006.  The result of this successful program is evidenced in increased donor consent in the Filipino community from 3% to 71%.


Chicago, IL/NW Indiana - Rev. Franklin Burns initially was identified as the Local Program Coordinator of this MOTTEP site. Rev. Burns was a kidney recipient and pastor in Gary, IN. He was personally responsible for at least 25 donations directly linked to his local MOTTEP presentations about organ/tissue donation and transplantation as reported by the Chicago Organ Procurement Organization – Regional Organ Bank of Illinois (now Gift of Hope).


Detroit, MI - MOTTEP of Detroit participates in more than 400 community based activities each year and has tripled donation rates within the Detroit area from 5% when MOTTEP first began activities.  The African American consent rates are as follow for the period 2008-2010:


2008:  40.91%

2009:  54.11%

2010:  64.79%



New York, NY - The most effective outreach strategy for MOTTEP of New York has been its partnership with Voter Registration. When New York became a MOTTEP site, the donation rate was below 50%. As of 2015, the donation rate is 61%.


Cleveland, OH - The Healthy Teen, Healthy Tomorrow Teen Summit is one of Cleveland’s most successful activities. The Teen Program was developed to empower minority teens throughout Greater Cleveland with information on healthy lifestyle choices, chronic diseases that affect them in a disparate fashion and the correlation between these diseases and the need for organ transplantation.


Between 2011 and 2014, the Ohio Donor Registry has signed up over 3,450 new donor registrations through MOTTEP's hospital and health center donor booth and community outreach programming. Between 2011 and 2014, awareness activities have reached over 90,000 individuals about organ donation and healthy lifestyle.


Nashville, TN - MOTTEP of Tennessee’s most effective outreach strategy has been partnership and collaboration, especially within the faith-based, high schools and colleges. More persons have been reached through high school and college presentations. There has been a significant increase in donors within the African American community. MOTTEP of Tennessee has implemented radio and television campaigns reaching more than 300,000 households monthly. Since MOTTEP of TN’s inception, millions of households have been reached.


Pittsburgh, PA - Established in 2010, Core MOTTEP uses a combination of outreach strategies. Two of its most effective activities include: Gospel Idol Competition – A competition similar to the televised version of American Idol that draws a very large and diverse group of individuals to achieve widespread organ donation outreach and education. The most monumental accomplishment was the increase in conversion. A family who attended 2015 Gospel Idol competition made the decision to donate their loved ones organs because of the education they received at the event.  Community Health Center Challenge - The Challenge encourages Pennsylvania community and rural health centers to increase organ donation awareness and designations within their health center and community. The awareness and designation activities are captured on a scorecard for participating health centers to achieve platinum, gold, silver and bronze level point totals.


CORE MOTTEP reaches approximately 40,000 individuals annually.


Washington, DC - This site reached over 92,000 individuals in 2015 and conducted over 1,200 blood pressure screenings.