NATIONAL MOTTEP -  Educating to Prevent the Need for Transplantation



Minority communities represent 25% of the population, yet comprise more than 60% of those on transplant waiting lists because of higher rates of diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease. For a transplant, compatible blood type is critical. Some blood types are more common in minority communities. These are all reasons we need more minority donors.




■ Checkup. Make sure you have an annual health checkup.

■ Monitor. Check your blood pressure— often. See your doctor if it isn’t below 140/90.

■ Exercise. Be physically active for at least 30 minutes a day to cut the risk of obesity, hypertension & diabetes. These diseases increase the risk of needing an organ transplant. Go for a walk, now!

■ Maintain. Work to maintain a healthy weight and ask your doctor if you need help losing weight.

■ Eat right. More green vegetables & less red meat make for an organ healthy diet.

■ Add. Eat more whole grains, breads and cereals, which are an excellent source of fiber.

■ Drink more. More water that is. Cut out the sugary drinks and alcohol.

■ Avoid. Stay away from illegal drugs, which can severely damage the liver and kidney.

■ Reduce. Cut down or eliminate foods high in salt, cholesterol and saturated fats.

■ Be a quitter. Quit smoking ASAP. Check out for tips and text message support.








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